Friday, July 09, 2004

:When Lists Where Famous

Going through some _really_ old 3.5 floppies and I found this. I guess back when lists were circulating the Internet, I came up with a list of my own. I was working part-time in a country-club kitchen at the time. We used the "prep" tables to prepare the food for the golf outing dinners.


1. You could get splinters in your ass!
2. You wouldn't sit on a hot burner, would you?
3. You see how the table is bowed in the middle, that's what
happens when it is used incorrectly.
4. If it was a sofa there would be some pillows, and a tv.
5. No one wants to eat something that directly or indirectly
touched you ass!
6. You could ruin the magnetic charge in the table by sitting
on it. (if table does not immediatly turn and face north
when thrown in a pool of used fryer grease then it's no
good, call your local prep table dealer for more info.)
7. You don't see me dicing cucumbers on your bed!
8. You could accidentally chop your leg off.
9. If you have time to lean you have time to clean!
10. Surgeon General's Warning: Quitting sitting on prep table's
now greatly reduces seriose risks to your health.

I work at a country club and any additions/other relative lists
will be greatly appreciated. you can post them here or email me.
alan. "hi mom!"
\this does not represent my employer as much as it represents me/

Alan Feldman