Monday, August 05, 2013

:Managed Services

Mention "outsourcing" and you get a very negative feeling. Mention "proactive" and get an entirely different feeling. The concept of Managed Services is something that Virtual October has been offering since 2005. See our latest offering at

:Patch Management

Patches and updates to Microsoft Windows PC's in a network environment used to be laxed and "as needed". I remember the philosophy only 10 years ago with NT machines that you stayed exactly 1 Service Pack behind Microsoft.
Today patches are still coming out as fast as they ever did. But installing them to a network of computers is difficult, even for networks with as few as 5 PC's. "If you leave the updates up to the end users," Says Alan Feldman, President of Virtual October, Inc. ,"you're asking for more headaches."
With new software tools running on your network, now there is a way to only approve those patches and updates that you are sure work. Now keeping your server and network computers up to date has never been easier. Ask us today how our Preventative Maintenance Packages will work for you.